The Announcer Arrest

On Monday, March 26, everything happened so violently, as if it wanted to cover something else, much less visible, with such a noticeability and inappropriate use of force. First of all, the announcement itself, a mere routine announcement that Marko Đurić, the High Representative of the Serbian Government, Nikola Selaković, the Secretary General of the … More The Announcer Arrest

Cerar’s Letter

I spoke with the Prime Minister on Tuesday morning, in his office on the sixth floor of the government building. Miro Cerar, in pretty bad mood, due to the new suspension of negotiations with the unions, was preparing for the session of his office and, in particular, for the agenda item with a very ordinary, … More Cerar’s Letter

The President’s Invitation and the immediate Answer

A letter written by Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović on Tuesday, January 30, was a message written in trouble and problems. In fact, it was the only option she still had. Simply, there were too many questions coming to Zagreb and remaining unanswered. First of all, it was no longer possible to create an impression … More The President’s Invitation and the immediate Answer

Accusation Against the State of Slovenia

Accusations, or at least suspicions and insinuations, are taking turns and being repeated regularly, almost like seasons. The suspect is always determined in advance, so for this reason, the descriptions of his guilt differ only in the passion of the description of the allegedly committed crime. As a rule, more or less coordinated stories are … More Accusation Against the State of Slovenia