Removed Policeman

It started a few days ago, with the publication of unusual photos of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Croatia, Tomislav Tolušić. It was obvious that those were not photos of the minister from the family celebration or his messages from the newly tilled Slavonian plains. In photographs, Tolušić, comfortably seated in some … More Removed Policeman

Presidents Who Overlooked the American Warning

Yesterday in Zagreb, the entire state leadership was eagerly welcoming a foreign guest, and they all stressed out that they have nothing to do with the announcement he was bringing, and that it did not concern their part of work or responsibilities. The visitor was the General Director of the Ministry of Defence of the … More Presidents Who Overlooked the American Warning

Two Secret Message of the Football Player Luka Modrić

In the London Hall, ceremonially decorated and ready for the great event, there were two guests who understood everything that was said. The first one spoke, and the other, when listening to him, had tears in his eyes. Luka Modrić, who was selected and named the best player in the world by the world football … More Two Secret Message of the Football Player Luka Modrić

They Addresses Each Other as Franjo and Slobo

At first there were only two sentences uttered. That Hitler wanted the world without Jews, and Croatia and its policy wanted a country without Serbs. That every crime is eternal and cannot be celebrated. In contemporary Europe, it is almost impossible to find similar direct and entirely unambiguous estimations directed at a neighboring country which … More They Addresses Each Other as Franjo and Slobo

Surprise Due to Pahor’s Announcement

Everything started with questions about beautiful and adequately expensive men’s watches. These prestigious parts of the male accessories became an interesting and popular media message both for spectators interested in watches, and even more for those who wondered how they were purchased. The selected collection of watches became a first-class political topic. It was not … More Surprise Due to Pahor’s Announcement