Cerar’s Letter

The report issued by the German police which explains in full detail the rampage of the migrants and their terror over the citizens celebrating New Year’s Eve in front of the Cologne Cathedral, made it clear that some response was imminent. Following this report’s description of chaotic and disgraceful events: organised attacks on police by … More Cerar’s Letter

A Difficult Beginning For Tihomir Tim Orešković

Not very long before the death of Croatia’s President Tudjman in 1999, influential individuals within the party began to organise meetings. Mate Granić, Vladimir Šeks, Valentić, Jure Radić and the “guardian” of the Presidential Palace – Dr Ivić Pašalić. They discussed the power sharing and how the government would operate in the days after the … More A Difficult Beginning For Tihomir Tim Orešković

Dangerous News

It is true that the first forecasts could already be heard last year, in late autumn. But they seemed more as a warning about the possible consequences than as an intention. And then it happened, the first day, immediately after the end of the New Year celebration. Sweden has started to check documents of passengers … More Dangerous News