New Big Complication or Just Rearching for New Alibi

Yesterday’s statement of a new big complication between Slovenia and Croatia, and then an urgent press conference of the Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vesna Pusić did not bring any relevant facts that should demonstrate the political expediency of the decision for such attempt of pre-planned doubt on the decision of the Hague Permanent Court … More New Big Complication or Just Rearching for New Alibi

Restless Days in Macedonia

During the first days of July 2001, it was not entirely clear whether it was a new war or only an armed conflict in Macedonia. Negotiators in negotiations between the authorities in Skopje and Albanian armed units were James Pardew and Francois Leotard, first with the authorization of the United States, and the latter with … More Restless Days in Macedonia

Two Confidential Letters on the End of the War

The first letter, addressed to the then Croatian president Dr. Franjo Tuđman, was most likely handed over personally by the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Zagreb, Dr. Kasim Trnka. The statement was dramatic, both for its content, and even more because of its different interpretation of bloody war. Alija Izetbegović wrote that the conditions … More Two Confidential Letters on the End of the War

Awaiting New Statements

Responses to the meeting, as well as to the statements that followed it, were sent to a small circle of recipients. Nobody wanted great number of public matters or even debates. It was the first days of last year’s June. The host was the Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović, and his guest the Montenegrin Prime … More Awaiting New Statements

Tired of Patience

It was necessary to understand that the space was getting smaller, or better yet, that the space for the new populism was expanding. For new ease of solution. Nothing was accidental, not even the shooting in the Bosnian Zvornik, nor Macedonian unrest, nor statements about the new big Albanian state, and neither time delay of … More Tired of Patience