A Big Day of Which We Must Take Advantage

I have not seen since someone so smiling and so confident for a long time. It was on the road to victory. I am talking about the governor of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, almost my neighbour, who was congratulated by everyone yesterday. In gray-black suit with impeccable white shirt and tie with a diamond pattern, last time corrected in the elevator, as always.
It was a great day.
Draghi has released the first large amounts of euros. His colleagues call this a process of quantitative easing, and the Governor talks about the pumping in of fresh money. And the new European development. And the possibility of cooperation in the great global competition. He already had the most anticipated information around 17:00. Sentix. The European index on the state of the economy, one of the most sensitive and most accurate. The value of the index on the state of the Eurozone economy came to almost 19 per cent, much above the most optimistic predictions. In addition, the index of expectations for the next six months was even better, 31.5%, which is by far the best after 2006. German Finance Minister passed him the news that the German index is completely record index and added, it’s a big boom.

We shall reduce the costs of financing businesses and the costs you have in your households.
I want to seriously increase spending and investments, he said later. And he was even more satisfied with side effects, the fall of the euro against the dollar. By the end of the year, the value of the currencies could be equalized. On 1=1. That would mean a possible new expansion of the European economy.

What does Draghi expect? A new wave of lending, with banks that will compete for support with good investments.

On Monday, a new period has started in our region as well.
Due to the high political support to Vučić’s government, we must know how to use it.

And we have all the possibilities and all the necessary approaches for support.