New Dispute or Just Searching fo New Alibi

First, there was an announcement of a new large complication between Slovenia and Croatia, then an urgent press conference of the Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vesna Pusić and shortly after that news of convening an extraordinary session of the Croatian parliament with a single-point agenda. All these acts together, with also urgent session of … More New Dispute or Just Searching fo New Alibi

Tired of Patience

It was necessary to understand that the space was getting smaller, or better yet, that the space for the new populism was expanding. For new ease of solution. Nothing was accidental, not even the shooting in the Bosnian Zvornik, nor Macedonian unrest, nor statements about the new big Albanian state, and neither time delay of … More Tired of Patience

Rulling of Wars

The International Court in The Hague adopted a final decision yesterday. The ruling stated by the presiding judge Peter Tomka will be, with no doubt, the subject of a detailed reading and legal controversy, and once again a memory of the suffering, exiles and death in the bloody and brutal wars in the former Yugoslavia. … More Rulling of Wars

A Meeting Followed by a Wish for it to be Daily

A meeting of vice-presidents of the Croatian and Serbian governments, Vesna Pusić and Ivica Dačić held on Wednesday, has been successful also because there was a wish for it to be routine and easily diplomatically daily, almost uninteresting to the public. Still it was significantly different from a series of meetings of senior representatives of … More A Meeting Followed by a Wish for it to be Daily

Political Meetings Captured in Information Collected by Wiretapping

Most of the information collected by wiretapping was disclosed inadvertently. Not only its publication, but also the wiretapping itself had a political goal. For example, the last confirmation of the surveillance of the arbitral tribunal judge and a high official of the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the neighbouring state of Croatia, at least … More Political Meetings Captured in Information Collected by Wiretapping

An Interview an the Airport Schiphol

On Wednesday night, the neighbouring country officially celebrated the second anniversary of full membership in the European Union. As customary in such occasions, a few reminders and a few messages on the importance and consequences of that decision were written. Also, the individuals and their roles in long negotiations lasting eight years were not specifically … More An Interview an the Airport Schiphol

Wrong Political Decisions

The Croatian President, Dr. Franjo Tuđman, interpreted accurately two key facts that could change the war and consequently most of the later events during time after the end of the Yugoslav wars. First, the consequences of the bloody march of Ratko Mladić on Srebrenica immediately followed by the fate of the then new peace attempt … More Wrong Political Decisions