Plenkovic’s Playing of Cards With a High Stake

In the first days of the previous week, exactly on Wednesday, September 13, something that every politician most fears of happened to the president of the Croatian government, Andrej Plenković. Specifically, the content of his new plan of relations with Slovenia was revealed at least a day earlier than he wanted. This did not happen … More Plenkovic’s Playing of Cards With a High Stake

Aca Devetka Restaurant

Aca Devetka never was a restaurant only. In the decisive years of the beginning of disintegration of former Yugoslavia, it was, above all, a place for confidential talks, involving both influential politicians and influential heads of secret services. Not only because it was well hidden within the Košutnjak park in Belgrade, but also because it … More Aca Devetka Restaurant

Madame President’s Passionate Kiss

There was almost no need for any explanation. Therefore, the statement of the Madame President somehow remained in an empty space of disinterest, non-reaction and almost tiring repeating. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović reiterated, during warm July days, that Croatia would not accept the unilateral implementation of the arbitration decision in the border dispute with Slovenia and, … More Madame President’s Passionate Kiss

Plenković’s Decisions

Andrej Plenković, Prime Minister of Croatian Government reiterated on Wednesday, July 5, at an extraordinary Government session, that he defended national interest, state territory and borders. He added, on the occasion the well known sentence, that has almost turned into a slogan, that the Arbitration Agreement on the solving of border disputes with Croatia is … More Plenković’s Decisions

Secret of The Lunch at Baltazar Restaurant

Croatia’s then President PhD Ivo Sanader literally underestimated his newly-elected Slovenian counterpart, Borut Pahor. Actually, he even looked forward to Pahor’s arrival. All the information that his assistants, people whom he could trust and secret services had collected for him unanimously asserted that his counterpart was a self-satisfied partner who didn’t match him. Sanader was … More Secret of The Lunch at Baltazar Restaurant

Document That Could Have Prevented The Arbitration

It could be anticipated that something would happen. Those small signs were systematically collected and analysed by Prime Minister Borut Pahor’s consultant and key negotiator in the preparation of the arbitration agreement, Marko Makovec. Therefore, he could not foresee only „one more appearance“ of a renowned international lawyer, the then consultant to Croatia’s Foreign Minister … More Document That Could Have Prevented The Arbitration

President’s Decision

A great celebration is taking place today in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. The first guests arrived already a few days ago, the last guests are arriving today. The reason of all journeys and congratulations by those who couldn’t come is only one. New President of State, Aleksandar Vučić is assuming office. Months before that, most likely … More President’s Decision